Portable Nebuliser CA-MI Lite

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Portable Nebuliser CA-MI Lite

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Portable Nebuliser CA-MI LITE Car&Home
Portable nebuliser, operates on mains and car power.
portable nebuliser vrs system
Portable Nebuliser CA-MI Lite comes with:
Portable Nebuliser Compressor unit
Nebuliser Car adaptor
Nebuliser Mains power supply
Nebuliser Tubing
Nebuliser Drug Chamber
Nebuliser Mouthpiece
Nebuliser Nosepiece
Nebuliser Adult mask
Nebuliser Paediatric Mask
Nebuliser Spare Filters
Nebuliser Carry Bag
2 Year Nebuliser Warranty

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Portable Nebuliser CA-MI Lite can be used as home and car nebuliser with supplied 12V car nebuliser adaptor. Portable Nebuliser CA-MI LITE is a miniaturized micro-piston compressor system for aerosol therapy featuring highly efficient nebuliser. Noise level and vibrations are minimized thanks to the latest software "VRS" Vibration Reduction System. Compact and easy to carry portable nebuliser ideal for use at home and in your car. Portable Nebuliser CA-MI LITE is quiet and easy to use and provides high quality mist for both adults and children. This portable nebuliser works in 30 min. on and 30 min. off cycle. Dimensions: 140 x 30 x 90 mm Weight: 0,46 kg Maximum pressure: 2 bar MMAD: 3 microns Volume output: 0.35 ml/min. Noise level: 50 dB 2 Year Warranty

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my favourite nebuliser so far
Very happy with it. The bag is nice but I don't really use it, could come without it and be a bit cheaper. Nebuliser is small and fits well in my jacket with chamber, tubing and mouthpiece, mains supply is small (phone charger like) so no problem pocketing it either. Car adaptor sits in the car so I'm always 2 minutes away from treatment. Sell it without a bag for 5 quid less and it will get 5 stars. For now, 4.
Nebuliser Quality
Review by James
Best portable nebuliser I've ever had
After couple of years of using battery nebulisers I came to a conclusion I didn't really need a battery nebuliser. I use nebuliser at home ior in my car, where I can take my time with nebulisation in comfort. Battery nebulisers were always a trobule, battery would give up after couple of months and they never seem to have enough power. This one made a real diffrence, very very powerful (I think because it runs on 12 volts straight from your car battery it has got that bit of an oomph) and no need to charge battery or replace it. Best nebuliser purchase ever, well deserved 5 stars.
Nebuliser Quality
Review by Martin Lawrence